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We are a national leading insurer of equine and farm related risk.

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When it comes to protecting your ranch investment, you want to come to us for your ranch insurance policy. We will take care of your investment!

Don't leave the health of your horses to chance. We offer general horse insurance as well as special policies for equines or thoroughbreds.

You will find that we offer specialized policies for horse farms, and understand that you have specific insurance needs that we strive to meet!

Whatever you need, you can count on us to find an affordable insurance solution for all of your horses, farm, and ranch

related needs.

Protect your ranch

Protect your horses

Specialized policies

Contact us today!

Farm & Ranch Mortality Insurance Care, Custody, & Control Contact us today

As one of the nation’s largest insurers of Equine Farm and Ranch related risk, we are proud of our 30 years of experience providing the best customer service and products offered in the industry.

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Commercial and personal horse breeding, boarding, and training facilities.

Berries, fruits, nuts

Gentlemen Farms


Grain and Field Crops

Riding Instruction








Seed Growers

Exotic Animal Farms

Entertainment Farmers

“U” Pick Operations



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